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Aegean Airlines VA is a free, non profit, non commercial organisation,which aims to simulate the flights and operations of the real airline using Flight Simulation Software. Comprised of real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Based on Greece's largest airline and utilising Flight Simulation Software, AEv mirrors its daily operations,based on real world schedules, equipment and routes.

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  • AEv gave a sense of added realism and purpose. But what it's more important in my view, is the support that each person in this VA gives for one another in all aspects! If I had to choose, which part of this VA I like the most, It would definetely be its community.
    Gabriel L.
  • I have been using AEv for my flights since the beginning of its operations! This is a very interesting VA with a multifunctional, yet user-friendly website. Totally recommended!
    Kostas K.
  • Great VA, simulating all the real flights of AEGEAN, with active members with knowledge (including real pilots in roster). It is not a faceless VA, interesting views and knowledge are exchanged. I'm happy to fly with AEGEAN and being a member!
    Giannis S.
  • It's a journey, it's knowledge, it's human moments, it's images! Images of a polished Greece with crystal clear colors, upright faces, moving forward, with fun, with humor, with every version of it! This is what AEv is for me , this is what AEv is for the most of us who love to fly virtually in its colors, filling beautiful moments of a special company that I think everyone - and rightly so - would envy...
    Andreas K.

Meet Our Team

A team, passionate about aviation, seeking to deliver the best experience on flying under Aegean's virtual wings.
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Lazaros oversees all Aegean Virtual Airlines' Operations and provides support to the Staff Team and AEv's members.

(CEO) Lazaros
Chief Executive Officer

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George also oversees all Aegean Virtual Airlines' Operations and provides support to the Staff Team and AEv's members.

(AM) George
Accountable Manager

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Kostas is responsible for the planning, coordinating and monitoring the virtual airlines’s aircraft and flight operations. He makes sure that all flights are in compliance with AEv's standards and regulations.

(FOD) Kostas
Flight Operations Director

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Parviz provides technological support and troubleshooting to AEv's members. He maintains infrastructure, helps with operations and promotes new initiatives for Aegean Virtual Airlines.

(WM) Parviz


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Dimitris provides assistance to the members of AEv, answering questions, managing correspondence, and giving instructions to members. He maintains membership records, processing new member applications, membership stays, and member resignations.

(HRM) Dimitris
Human Resources Manager

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Jim supports initiatives which include handling logistics for events, product launches, and strategic partnerships.

(MC) Jim
Marketing Coordinator


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Aev in not affiliated in any way with the real Aegean Airlines®. It was created to be used exclusively in combination with Flight Simulation Software. All logos and words such as:
Aegean Airlines, Airbus, etc, belong to their rightful owners. Our views and activities are in no way affiliated with the real Aegean Airlines®. All content of this site (maps, data,
information, advises, etc.) should NOT be used for real flights and the administrators and members of AEv bare no responsibility in case of non compliance.

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